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Prestige Studios is a state-of-the-art green screen studio
located in the heart of Hollywood.

Prestige Studios is a green screen studio in Los Angeles located in the heart of Hollywood. Our pre-lit stage has regularly hosted TV shows from networks like CBS, CNBC, and the Discovery Channel. Amenities include a green room, dedicated parking, and kitchen access. At $40/hr or $400 for a full 12-hour day, we're offer the most professional and affordable offer in town.


Green Screen 33 x 15 Cyclorama

The centerpiece at Prestige Studios is a green screen that's perfect for producing commercials, music videos, photography sessions, and special effects compositing. Our cyclorama can be interchangeably painted from a white screen to a green screen based on the needs of our long-term clients. We've also spared no expense at sound-proofing the room with instaquilt padding along the perimeter of the studio. Our studio is spacious and cozy.

Whether you're a large network production, or a small project on a budget, Prestige Studios is an ideal studio to house your next green screen shoot. Located in the heart of Hollywood (near the intersection of Santa Monica and Highland), we are perhaps the most convenient and affordable option for shooting green screen in the Hollywood area.

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Studio Amenities

  • 33 feet wide and 15 feet high green cyc (studio is 24 feet wide and 27 feet long) View Studio Dimensions
  • 3 Filmgear 2K Space Lights with Skirts (2000 watts each)
  • 2 Arri lights (650 watts each) that come free of charge with a 12 hr. day rental
  • A dimmable control panel to adjust lighting
  • 100 amps additional power to accommodate your lighting equipment
  • Free use of available C-Stands
  • Double-doors for loading/unloading that lead directly to the parking lot
  • Dedicated parking
  • A spacious green room with leather sofas, vanity lights and make-up table located across from the studio.
  • A kitchen equipped with fridge, dining area/table, microwave and coffee maker

Our staff is attentive, and always ready to help you film, capture, and edit.

Questions? Call us at 310-331-8733.

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How big is the pre-lit green screen stage at Prestige Studios? 

The green screen cyc is 33 ft wide, and 15 ft. high.  The room that houses the studio is 24 ft. (w) and 27 ft.  (l).

When you say the green screen stage is pre-lit, what does that mean? 

Prestige Studios cyc is pre-lit with (3) 2K Filmgear space lights 200 watts each.  There is also an additional Arri lighting kit (for subject lighting) that consists of (3) 650 watt lights.  Both the Filmgear Spacelights and the Arris are Tungsten based.

If your green cyc a "hard-cyc"?

Yes, it is a hard green cyc.

Who in Los Angeles has rented Prestige Green Screen Studios?

CNBC (The Profit), CBS (The Arsenio Hall Show), BET, Oxygen Network (Secret Celebrity), as well as countless music videos and indie productions.

Can Prestige Studios shoot my production for me?

Yes, we have a full green screen production staff located throughout Los Angeles, and we can provide a camera operator, a sound engineer, a DP/Director, and any other necessary crew (grip, gaffer, makeup artists) and provide you with a custom-quote for your production.  Call 310-331-8733 to reach our full-production hotline.

What additional green screen equipment can I rent at the Los Angeles studio? 

Cameras, Sound-Gear, Sandbags, C-Stands, stingers, monitors, and an Arri LIghting Kit.

What is the shape of your green screen cyc?

Our cyc is shaped like a very large "L" that consists of one major curve.

Is the studio sound-controlled?

Yes.  There is instaquilt installed on the walls of the studio to provide extensive noise cancellation throughout our green screen stage.  We do not advertise the studio as "sound-proof" however to account for the most extreme circumstances. 

How much power can be plugged into Prestige Green Screen Studios?

100 amps.  We have a lunchbox that you can plug into as well.

How large is your dressing room? 

20 ft. long, and 9 ft. wide.  The make-up room is equipped with a vanity mirror, make-up desk, and two leather sofas.

What additional amenities are included at Prestige Studios? 

A green room, AC, dedicated parking (6 spaces +plentiful street parking), kitchen access, wifi access, and storage space located directly behind the studio.

If I rent your green screen stage, is there minimum booking? Is a deposit required to book? 

Yes, we require a minimum of 4 hours per session is booked.  A 50% deposit is required to book space.  If you are not sure about your shoot date, we can place a hold on your preferred date and contact you if there is another inquiry.

What types of payment does Prestige Studios take for LA studio rentals? 

Cash, check, and all credit cards.

How Early/Late can I book my session? 

Sessions can be booked as early as 6AM and wrap as late as midnight. An overtime fee of $100 hr. will be charged after midnight, or if your session has exceeded your 12 hour session.

What is your Cross Street?  

We're at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Mansfield Ave.

Can I fit a car in Prestige Studios? 

No.  We do not have "elephant doors" to allow entry of a car.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have booked the stage, the deposit is non-refundable- however, Prestige Studios will allow you to shift your shoot date without penalty within a 3-month period from the time of the original deposit payment.  If you are not sure about your shoot date, you can always put a "hold" on our calendar and then book later.

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Amenities include a lounge, kitchen, dedicated parking, guest office, valet parking upon request and wi-fi

On the day of your session, the last thing you want to worry about is where you're going to park, eat, check your email, or take a much needed break. At Prestige Studios, a producer's lounge, a kitchen area, a guest office, a dedicated parking space, valet parking* and catering can be provided for a nominal fee with 48 hrs. notice. *upon request

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Questions? Call us at 310 331 8733
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